Mickey & Guitar

Mickey has always loved music. He always claps his hands and dances during his music sessions.

He is now learning to play the guitar. Mickey smiles when he uses his fingers to make sounds. This activity is an ongoing process. He concentrates for long periods whilst strumming the strings on the guitar. This has a positive impact on his personal development.

Mickey- train station

Mickey Xmas Party

I decided to plan an early christmas party due to possible restrictions of the Omicron variant.

Last year covid 19 made it difficult to have the christmas party that I had planned with friends.

Music, Food, and Laughter, enabled Mickey, Friends, and I, to have an amazing time.

If we are able to celebrate by the 25th December it will be a bonus.

I’m grateful to have had a party with my son and friends.

Mickey’s birthday

Mickey was 33 years old on the 27th November.

He was only allowed to have his Mother and a few friends due to covid restrictions. Nevertheless he had a lovely time.

Last year he was unable to celebrate his birthday with family and friends due to the pandemic.

It was amazing to be able to kiss and hug my son without any restrictions.

The pandemic made me realise, spending time with loved ones, should not be taken for granted.

Mickey was smiling and laughing during his party.

I thank the most high God for keeping my son safe, to be able to celebrate his birthday.

Mickey- tablet 2

Mickey has been using his tablet for over a year. He enjoys watching cartoons and nursery rhymes.

He is non verbal. ( unable to communicate verbally) Mickey smiles and giggles when he is engaging with the device. My son is encouraged to talk during this time.

He makes babbling sounds and high pitched tones. The tablet has become a very effective tool as part of his speech therapy sessions. I am hopeful Mickey will get a breakthrough in due course.

Mickey – Arts&Crafts.

Mickey was erractic when he was younger and needed assistance with his cognitive development.

He had poor hand eye coordination, his hands were also shaky.

Mickey enjoyed his art sessions, overtime he has managed to control his hands, and manipulate his paintbrush to draw lines, and make patterns.

My son is growing from strength to strength.

Mickey returns to Church.

The Church that I and my son attends closed April 2020 due to the pandemic.

Mickey had a lot of indoor activities- Cooking, Baking, Gardening, Bowling, Arts and Crafts. However during the first few weeks, he would get agitated and look out the window in expectation for the transport that would take him to church.

Michael was informed that the church was temporarily closed, and he would be able to resume his weekly church meetings, as soon as Covid 19 was under control.

Fortunately, for the past three weeks, My son has resumed his church services.

He is very happy. Michael has attended his church since February 2013. He has been a Church Member since September 2015.

The Church has had a positive impact on his Spiritual and Social development.

Mickey’s travels

When My son was younger, I had to constantly hold his hand, when we were out in the community, Due to his hyperactivity disorder

This condition caused him to walk and run very fast. He was also uncoordinated, which meant that he would bump into pedestrians on the pavement.

Due to perserverance, and consistency, he is now coordinated, and walks independently.

Michael from time to time, will increase his speed when he sees food shops, and restaurants. My son associates these stores with getting treats.

I am teaching him, that it is not every time we pass restaurants, and grocery stores, I’m going to purchase Items for him. Its a gradual process. However, it’s nice that we can go out in the community, without the constant fear of him running away.