Mickey @ the bus stop.

When my son was younger, he never wanted to wait at bus stops. Due to his hyperactivity disorder, waiting for long or short periods frustrated him.he would jump up and down and make loud noises.

I would bribe him with snacks to divert his attention from having to wait any length of time.

Mickey now enjoys looking at the worded print on the boards at the terminal.

Bus rides are more enjoyable as he has adjusted to waiting at the bus stop.

Mickey & Family Album.

We are living in a world where EVERYTHING is posted online/social media.

I believe that Photo Albums are a fantastic tool for storing personal data.

Mickey enjoys looking at family photos. He turns each page very slowly as not to miss out any page.

Photographs are an effective tool in showing him engaging in activities. Its also good to remind him of family members that he does not see often.

Mickey @ ATM.

I have been trying to teach my son the concept of Money.

Although Mickey is non verbal he understands. verbal communication. Whilst explaining to him that money can be withdrawn from the atm, to take him to the restaurant for a meal, he darts towards the cashpoint.

His facial expression says it all. Mickey fully understands the withdrawal of money from an atm.

Mickey & Covid

Mickey has been informed about the seriousness of infection re: covid.

Although he is non verbal he is able to understand verbal communication. Mickey cleans his room three times a week. The days when he attends the day center and church, he is giving a break.

Mickey is allergic to the plastic gloves, so he is encouraged to wash his hands often.

My son has adjusted to the changes re: Covid.

Mickey Cleaning.

I’m so happy that my son is able to mop his floor. Mickey was extremely active when he was younger. Handling a mop and bucket would have been an health and safety issue as he would have slipped on the wet floor.

He is now able to manipulate the mop in the chosen direction on the floor. He no longer needs assistance. Mickey is able to keep himself, and others safe during this activity.

Mickey’s Graduation

Three years ago I decided that my son’s achievements should be celebrated.

I did not believe that only mainstream able bodied students who attended college/ university were entitled to celebrate their academic achievements.

My son has overcome many obstacles during his journey.

When he was younger the idea of him cooking, baking, painting, drawing seemed a far away distant dream.

Due to his hyperactive disorder, sitting at a table for ten minutes was an achievement. Persistance and determination from myself, his Teacher, and support workers, have enabled him to engage in social and community activities.

Michael has surpassed all my expectations.

He deserved to have his achievements acknowledged. I am so proud of my son. He continues to go from strength to strength.

Mickey- Special needs

Mickey is on a self development training programme. It teaches that disabilty does not mean inability.

My son’s group consists of male and female Individuals whose autism ranges from mild to severe developmental delay.

They engage in activities which are beneficial to ALL.

Painting, Cooking, Music therapy. These activities encourage those with verbal communication to interact with Individuals who are non verbal.

They are shown images and videos of Individuals/Collective’s achievements who have disabled impairements.

The Teacher and support workers give praise and encouragement to all the students. More importantly each Individual has a programme tailored to meet his/her needs.

The course does not promote competitive games, as this is believed to discourage those who are improving at a slower rate.

Michael is constantly improving. This programme has had a positive impact on his personal development.